Minor Science


Minor Science has been making standout tracks for almost a decade. From 2014’s “Hapless” to 2023 anthem “Workahol,” via the bass gymnastics of “Volumes” (2017) and his cubist jungle remix of Special Request’s “Stairfoot Lane Bunker,” this Berlin-based Brit has consistently cut through the noise.

In recent years he’s explored longer projects. His debut album Second Language (Whities/AD 93) was released to acclaim in 2020, and the Absent Friends Vol. III LP (Balmat, 2023) puts a fresh spin on ambient music.

As a DJ, Minor Science draws on years of experience to craft sets that are controlled in form and bold in content. Having performed at venues as diverse as Panorama Bar and the Bang Face Weekender, the average Minor Science set can do heads-down mindwarp, maximalist rave meltdown, or (often) both.

Minor Science has presented his Absent Friends live show at events such as Intonal and Maerzmusik. Emotive and absorbing, these performances explore themes of psychedelia and togetherness via improvised performance and deft four-deck mixing.