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Tour Management
AV Show Builds
Artist Strategy

UNFOLD is a booking agency driven by long-term collaboration and offering bespoke artist development services.

UNFOLD Artists is a booking and services agency supporting the needs of a wide variety of artists in fulfilling their creative and professional goals. 

Emphasising long-term relationships and focused collaboration, we connect the dots across an eclectic range of musical expression not limited by genres or geographies.

We strive to uplift our artists and their audiences through experiences of all types, from intimate basement shows to full-scale, multi-artist A/V productions in the world’s most breathtaking and renowned venues. With a compassionate, individualised approach to nurturing our roster, UNFOLD helps artists to surpass the standard.

UNFOLD is a founding member of the Independent Agency Collective, established in 2022 and committed to sharing resources and supporting like-minded agencies to ignite positive change in music. Together, we stand against discrimination in the music industries and aim to create a safe, enjoyable space for all. We believe it is only through collective action, transparency, and collaboration that we can ensure a sustainable and healthy future. You can learn more about the collective here.

DJ Booking

By showcasing our artists at stages across the world - live touring is at the heart of what we do.

Curated Events & Label Showcases

From Objekt’s ‘Wormhole’ to Or:la’s ‘La Potion’ - we help artists run their own events and fulfil their creative vision. We also assist visionary labels such as AD93 and Nervous Horizon to showcase their roster on the world stage.

Tour Management & Advancing

We handle all travel and logistics around each show, providing 24 hour support for touring artists through our team.

A/V Show Concept Development and Staging

We connect acts with the visual artists, technical teams and tour managers in order to bring exceptional AV shows from initial concept to the stage.